About Our Company

OklaMedia is a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma that helps businesses develop, manage, and expand their digital marketing through the implementation of innovative marketing strategies, communities, and services. 

We are not a typical “full service” marketing firm. We don’t hide behind a wall of technical terms, secret strategies or vague promises. Instead, we work with our clients to create a plan for growth and then work to generate a positive return for each dollar in the marketing budget.

After marketing hundreds of websites, we understand first-hand that each business is unique and the marketing activities that provide the highest return on investment will likely change throughout the year. Therefore, our packages are flexible and allow us to custom tailor a plan for each client according to their needs.

Apart from marketing management, we have also developed many products that increase marketing efficiency and can be implemented without passing labor cost to our clients. We have cut cost and can compete on an entirely different price structure because we utilize innovative technology and run an efficient firm.

If you are interested in working with us or learning more about our company, request a free marketing review. We’ll help you reach that next level in your business.

The Team

Chance Hawkins

Founder, Lead Strategist

Keely Hawkins

Content Writer

Kyler Delaporte


Kaylee Taylor


Cameron Call


[other staff not listed]