If you want to sell more homes, this article is for you. I’m about to share with you 4 things my company did to boost home sales for a mobile home dealer in Oklahoma.

But First, An Introduction…

Chance HawkinsMy name is Chance Hawkins and I am an online marketer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four years ago, I didn’t have any experience selling homes, but a friend of mine referred a client that had a manufactured home dealership. He wanted to grow his search engine ranking and that was my specialty, so we started working together.

It took a few months to fix the website and create the plan, but then we started launching campaigns. Over time, we tested many different campaigns and finally we learned what works and what doesn’t.

For example: We figured out how to use Google PPC Ads to generate sales, how to sell homes online, how to convert traffic on the website into leads and how to get more people to the lot in order to tour the homes. We learned the best way to communicate with leads, how to upsell using the website, and how to get people to refer their friends.

We learned a lot, but there were a few small changes that made a major impact, which is why I wrote this article. 

What We Did

One strategy that instantly increased our sales was using an interactive form on our website.

The interactive form, felt more human and less of a hassle for our website visitors, so we decided to implement it and the leads we received immediately increased.

Next we decided that instead of sending people to our website using ads, we would send people to a landing page with the interactive form. This change increased leads even more.

We tested multiple different variations and made countless changes until we finally had a winning formula.

We then figured out that if we split the form into two parts, we would get an even higher conversion. The first form asked for an email and phone number and then directed them to a second form that asked our other lead qualification questions. If a person failed to fill out the second form, we still had their phone number and email so that a sales person could call them to follow up.

Another thing that we did was implement a lead management system so that everyone who became a lead, received the proper attention and lead nurturing. This enabled the sales process to run smoothly and decreased the amount of leads that were falling through the cracks.

These four changes really moved the needle for us within this campaign. 

But, there were more…

A lot more!

 In fact, the changes we made in the last four years, worked so well that we had to turn off the campaigns multiple times so that we didn’t sell the inventory too fast.

Little Changes Can Make All The Difference

You may be one campaign away from selling 10x more homes this month and I encourage you to start testing. You can sell mobile homes online very well if you have the right plan.


I didn’t want to give away too many secrets in this article, so my company has put together an action plan for Manufactured Home Sellers, to help them implement some of the same campaigns we launched for our client in Oklahoma. Click “Start A Conversation” button below to get the action plan and see if we would be a good fit working together.