Building An App

iOS, Android, and Web Apps provide a great user experience for your customers, clients, and fans.

App Development

iOS, Android, and Web Apps provide a great user experience for your customers, clients, and fans.

However, getting an app development has been out of reach for many small businesses. The money for development, the time and creativity needed to create something great and then the marketing work and energy needed to get people to download the app are all limited resources. How does a small business take advantage of this valuable asset?

Here’s how:

1. Reduce the cost of development ($99 – $397 per month is the range)

2. Select the features that truly provide a value to your audience

3. Launch smart campaigns designed specifically for app installs.

Apps are typically more expensive than websites because the effort to create them is a lot greater. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Apart from the graphics, most apps are similar and utilize the same set of features. At OklaMedia, we’ve been able to reduce the development cost by focusing on 20% of features that actually matter. Content feeds, social sharing, loyalty programs, feedback forms, push notifications, shopping carts, etc.

The Features

The features that matter to your business might be different than others so without doing a consultation to figure out what makes perfect sense for your business, here is a small list of the most popular features we include in our apps.  

1. Push Notifications

When someone downloads your app, you can send them push notifications. Businesses use this to announce news, send coupons, keep top-of-mind, etc. We could even implement Geo Push notifications based on where a person is physically located. For example, if they are in the area, they can get a push notification or maybe if they are near your competitors, you can send them a special deal or coupon to potentially keep them from visiting your competition.

2. Loyalty Programs

People are not very loyal to a business anymore. It’s all about price, convenience, and who is best. Well, apps help with all three. With a loyalty program, you can incentivize loyalty with mobile exclusive deals. Provide rewards based on frequency, and really develop a better connection with your people.

3. Chat & User Engagement

Not only can you display content to educate your audience, you can also chat with them. This is a wonderful feature for answering questions or building relationships. We can develop the chat system directly within the app or integrate with a secured service that is HIPPA compliant for telemedicine or law firms. We can even setup a chat system with forums for your people to chat with each other. There are so many possibilities to create communities around your products and services.

4. Funnel Integration

A lot of businesses need people to step through a marketing funnel. Maybe you want to upsell your current customer base, or you need to educate prospects before they make a purchase…

An app makes this process easy. We can integrate smart forms and chat bots directly into the app so that people can step through a funnel at the pace you set. Drip feed them content, have them take surveys, questionnaires, or even set up appointments directly within the app.

If we broke your sales process down into steps, we could possibly build the app around it so that the first step of the process is for them to download the app and it walks them through to a close. MLMs and Big Conferences have done this very well for the last few years.

The Process

Getting an app built is similar to the process of getting a website.  

1. Discovery Meeting

We will have a conversation regarding your goals, challenges, and the ways that an app might help your business get to the next level, compete, and reduce frustrations. In this meeting, we’ll decide the best type of app for your business, the features that we will include and get an idea for how it will look.

2. Mockups

The second step in the process is for our team to create a mockup. We will design a basic mockup of the app that can be used to test the user experience and get an idea of how the finished product will look. We will test the functionality and make sure everything is operating according to our plan.

3. Finishing Touches

We will take all of the feedback and implement into the app. This process is where we are refining the app. We are making little changes until it’s perfect. We typically work back and forth with the client in this stage to make sure it’s exactly what we planned.  

4. The Launch

After the app is finished, we will go through the process of launching in the App Store. Apple requires a $99 fee to launch and the Google Play store is $25. The app has to be reviewed multiple times in this stage to verify quality and functionality, but once it is approved, it will be available for download.

5. Marketing the App

The final step is to market the app. You obviously want people to install your app and there are many ways to entice them to do so. After the app is live in the App Store, we will help you put a plan together to market your app. We have the tools, and expertise to help you make the most of your app.

Getting Started

If you are ready to book a free discovery meeting fill out the form below. One of our developers will schedule a call with you to discuss your needs and help answer any questions you may have.

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