Getting OTT/CTV Advertising

What Is OTT Advertising?

OTT is Over-The-Top Advertising, which means that it sits “on top” of other media. It is delivered to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices, such as smart or connected TVs (CTV)

How is OklaMedia Different?

We’ve developed a proprietary platform that can deliver OTT and CTV advertising results, unlike anything you’ve seen. Using a programmatic omni-channel approach, we can target highly specific audiences, perform data driven optimization, and protect you from fraudulent impressions. We’ve partnered with some of the leading publishers and exchanges to give you access to premium inventory.

Getting Started

The best way for you to learn about our OTT / CTV solution, is to schedule a demo so we can walk you through our platform and show you the capabilities.

Many of the OTT / CTV advertising companies either do not have access to premium inventory or they are paying a marked-up price and then passing these costs through to their clients. Some will serve just 1-2% premium placements so that they can say you were on “ESPN” or “CNN” etc. Still others, do not monitor for fraudulent impressions.

At Oklamedia, we’ve secured deals and partnerships to deliver Ads on Premium Publishers for the best price.


We can target with laser-precision. Our platform gives us an unmatched ability to reach the ideal audience. We can target by device, demographics, and we can even retarget audiences that have visited your website or engaged with your content.


Our platform is extremely smart and automatically optimizes to achieve the highest ROAS within our strategic parameters.


Unlike traditional TV advertising, OTT & CTV is digital and can be reported with accuracy. Our platform can drill down to evaluate all aspects of the campaign and targeted audiences.


With our service, you will have access to an account manager and support team to handle all aspects of your campaigns from start to finish.

Why OklaMedia?

We have the the experience and ability to deliver a high ROAS. We reach the right audience at the right time for conversions.

+ Our team is world-class

Whether you are in eCommerce, franchising, manufacturing, legal, music, restaurants, medical, green energy, oil & gas, real estate, etc., We got you covered!

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