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Peterbilt Steve

Who thought selling big semi-trucks online would be too difficult? Our client Steve grew a massive social media following posting YouTube videos of his custom trucks. He was busy at work and had a good flow of customers, but was getting bogged down with work. The process of giving a custom quote to all of his prospects was daunting and he was losing business.

How can we capture my current attention and convert onlookers into leads?

Fortunately traffic wasn’t an issue, so we just had to fix the conversion issue. We came up with an interactive Quoting Tool that we placed on the homepage of the website. The tool would ask a series of questions to provide a custom quote based on their answers. This was unlike anything you could find in this industry because the amount of custom variations changes the price significantly.

When we finished the quote tool, it was an instant hit. We then tested the questions and refined the quote tool to increase the conversion rate. Our next steps will be to integrate the tool into an app. This will provide Steve with the ability to send push notifications and engage with his prospects on a deeper level.

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