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Tulsa Sign Company

Re-development SEO Implementation Advertising Campaign

How we were able to eliminate their wasteful spending and give them the opportunity to spend more on what works.

We saved $30,000 that can be put to use for a higher ROI.

Saved 30k per year

Tulsa Sign Company is a local commercial sign provider in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before coming to us, they were on a monthly marketing plan with the same company for 3-years. They had a search engine optimized website and ranked well, but felt like they didn't see any changes or improvements after the first year. They had a suspicion that nothing was happening and their retainer fee was being wasted. They were also hesitant to leave because what if their suspicions were wrong? What if they lost the rankings and traction that they had invested so much to obtain. .

The first thing we did was analyze the client's current level of marketing. We looked at the competition, analyzed the website and then created a redesign proposal. After starting the redesign, we were able to get access to the companies lost analytics by proving that they owned the website. This data confirmed our thoughts and provided a true benchmark for performance.

Once we moved the website to a new server and away from their marketing companies control, the client instantly saved the full retainer amount and maintained the same level of performance.

The leads were being generated from their high search engine rankings. This move cut their marketing expense by $30,000 per year.

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